The Unnaturals

A shapeshifting RP where the Unnaturals, even in their human forms have animalistic qualities to them.
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"As a kid I always dreamed of being able to turn into an animal and soar high in the sky among side the birds or race through the forests that are untouched by man. As I grew so did my ambition of becomin one and by the time I was thirty I had built my own lab in the middle of nowhere and began to make becoming an animal possible."

Join the Unnaturals and follow the lives of those who were created in secret by a man with a dream to become an animal, those who he tested on are now known as the unnaturals. They, like the humans, live out their daily lives; some unnoticed others aren't as secretive of their abilities.
Join in on the fun, create your own character to suit your ideals.
Explore the world working hard to survive and make ends meet, get a job, a house, and start a family.
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