The Unnaturals

A shapeshifting RP where the Unnaturals, even in their human forms have animalistic qualities to them.
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 Nex's knick knacks

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PostSubject: Nex's knick knacks   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:34 pm

Salutations Wander.

Welcome to my shop, my name is Nex.
Please feel free to look around at my wares, all things you see here are nature friendly. But please be sure that you read the labels carefully as some might have strange effects on your body.


Were you born a natural? do you wish you can go back in time and make it to where you could transform into an animal of your choice? Well drink this magic potion made of all natural herbs and spices that will change your genes.
Cost: $100

Dart Berries.
These are some oddly colored berries I found.  Still not sure on what they do. Buuuuut, I believe each color has the ability to do something different. 
Light blues: Keep you from getting hungry.
Purples: Keep you hydrated
Green: Heals a wound.
Pink: Unsure.
Dark Blue: Unsure.
Price: $20
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Nex's knick knacks
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